Founded in 2007, Hotel Links India a premium travel company dealing with all 3 star & luxury resorts in India & abroad, launched the brand “The White Feathers” in 2010.

“The White Feathers” specializes in supplying a wide range of Linens and clothing, principally in white. The company that began life with mere 150 clients in and around Mumbai has now become one of INDIA's fastest grows multi-channel retailers. It operates a highly successful website.

Since its inception in 2007, the Hotel Links India has grown rapidly to become a prominent name in segments that it operates viz. Travels & Textiles from year 2010 we touch numerous lives across the Globe with class Home / Hotel Textile products and Retail.

TWF brand emerging as one of the reliable export house in India rest on its strategy to listen to its customers, develop stronger relationships with them and provide continuous updates & knowledge sharing with the help of IT (Information Technology) enabled enterprise data interface.

By way of strong pre and post sales services viz market analysis, imparting product knowledge and enabling customer's inventory management, HLI retains a foremost position as a most preferred supplier.



The idea for the company began in September 2010, When its founder owner of chain of Hotels & restaurants in Mumbai was looking for a one stop shop for his requirements in white bed linen, towels, napkins etc. The idea was born, and he decided to supply all hotel related cloth products to address a global market without the overheads of a retail premises.



For the first six months the business was run from Hotel Links India’s office in Mumbai. The office was filled with the first boxes of The White Feathers products and brochures. It really was a gamble, but the belief in concept and an intuition that the timing was just right has made us what we are - a complete like-minded hard-working team.

The White feathers name became established over that winter, the orders increased to 20 or 30 a day. Due to increased workload and lack of space, the company got a small warehouse at bhiwandi, with a stitching unit & a delivery vehicle.

As well as providing opportunities for sales across different channels, The White Feathers product range syncs according to the needs of its loyal customers, and in direct reflection to changing lifestyle. Our product ranges from duvets, pillows, fitted sheets, bedspreads, blankets, throws, luxury bath towels, mattress protectors and table linen. In addition, a curtain, classic bathrobes, designs in linen and nightwear for adults and children completes our motto of a one stop linen shop for all.